Togitsu → Nagasaki Airport Direct flight on the sea that connecting The Nagasaki Airport and The Togitsu Port Nagasaki Airport → Huis Ten Bosch Bypass on the sea that connecting the Nagasaki Airport and the Huis Ten Bosch does not has traffic jam.


Arrival and departure timetable

Jun 1 to 30, 2023
Nagasaki Airport → Huis Ten Bosch Huis Ten Bosch → Nagasaki Airport
Departure from the Airport Arrival at Huis Ten Bosch Departure from Huis Ten Bosch Arrival at the Airport
10:10 11:00 11:20 12:10
15:20 16:10 16:50 17:40

※Operates on Saturdays and Sundays only. 

No service on weekdays

Passage Fare

Zone One way Return trip discount
Adult 2,200yen 1,700yen
Child 1,100yen 850yen

※ If you have a return trip discount ticket that is attached to a one-way ticket, please submit it at the window.
You can embark at the discount return fare rate.(A reservation is required)

Zone Group discount (Ten or more people traveling one way)
Adult 1,800yen
Child 900yen

※Adult tickets are defined as tickets for junior high school students or older, children tickets are defined as elementary school students.
※Adult passengers may bring one infant with them for free, additional infants require a child priced ticket.
※There are discounts available for travelers with physical disabilities.

Port information

Nagasaki Airport Marine Terminal

※ Please use the airport Naigai contact aisle from an airport terminal to Marine terminal. 5 on foot-10 minutes.

Huis Ten Bosch Marine Terminal

※The Huis Ten Bosch Marine Terminal is located in Harbour Town in Huis Ten Bosch Park.
Please reserve tickets at the Omura Reservation Center or the Huis Ten Bosch Marine Terminal.
For the Huis Ten Bosch home page, click here>>

Reservations and inquiries

Omura Reservation Center
Tel. 0957-54-4740

Nagasaki Airport Marine Terminal
Tel. 0957-52-4131

Huis Ten Bosch Marine Terminal
Tel. 0956-27-0163