Seaside Momochi, Bayside Place Hakata Pier – Umino Nakamichi

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A Schedule

(21 Jul,〜3 Sep.)

Momochi (Marizon) → Umino Nakamichi (Marine World) Umino Nakamichi (Marine World) → Momochi (Marizon)
Departure from Momochi Arrival at Umino Nakamichi Departure from Umino Nakamichi Arrival at Momochi
8:30 8:50 9:00 9:20
9:30 9:50 10:00 10:20
10:30 10:50 11:00 11:20
11:30 11:50 12:00 12:20
13:30 13:50 14:00 14:20
14:30 14:50 15:00 15:20
☆15:30 15:50 16:00 16:20
☆16:30 16:50 17:00 17:20
☆17:30 17:50 18:00 18:20
※18:30 18:50 19:00 19:20
※19:30 19:50 20:00 20:20
21:00 21:20


Price list

Zone One way
Adults 1,030yen
Children 520yen

※Round-trip tickets are not available, so if you need a return ticket, please purchase a one way ticket again.
※Adult passengers may bring one infant with them for free, additional infants require the same fare as that of an elementary aged child.
※Group discounts for 15 or more guests are available (10% discount)
※If you are traveling in a group then we would appreciate it if you made a reservation.
※We offer discounts for those with physical disabilities.Please show your physical disability certificate at the window.

There are discounted ticket sets for Round-trip boarding passes and Marine World admission available


Set fee Regular fee
Adults (high school students or older) 3,640yen 4,220yen
Junior high school students 2,700yen 3,240yen
Elementary school students 1,700yen 1,860yen

[Set ticket window] On sale!
● Hakata Bus Terminal 3F High-speed bus ticket office/ business hours: 5:30 am – 11:45 pm
● Tenjin Solaria Stage 1F Nishitetsu bus and train commuter pass office/ business hours: weekdays and Saturdays 8:00 am to 8:00 pm / Sundays and public holidays: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
● Fujisaki bus transit terminal, commuter pass office/ business hours: weekdays 11:00 am to 7:00 pm/ Saturdays 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed on Sundays and holidays)
● Nishijin commuter pass office/ business hours: weekdays and Saturdays 7:00 am – 7:00 pm (Closed on Sundays and holidays)

Nishitetsu Grand Hotel Front desk TEL:092-771-7171
Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Front desk TEL:092-752-5555
Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka Front desk TEL:092-726-7111
Seaside Hotel Twins Momochi Front desk TEL:092-822-5001
Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall Front desk TEL:092-272-1123
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka Front desk TEL:092-482-1111
Fukuoka Garden Palace Hotel Front desk TEL:092-713-1112
Hotel Marinoa Resort Fukuoka Front desk TEL:092-895-5511

Tickets are not sold at the boarding ticket offices at Momochi, Umino Nakamichi or Hakata Pier, so please purchase them in advance at the above written locations.
Please note that tickets can be purchased only in cash.

Loading zone information

Loading zones for the Uminaka Line in Marizon

※Take a bus from Tenjin / Hakata Station Bus Center and get off at the Fukuoka Tower South Exit (the last stop), and from there it is a 5-minute walk
※ It’s a 3-minute drive from the Oka Toshi High Way Momochi Ramp

Hakata Pier (Bayside Place Hakata)

※ Take a bus from Hakata Station bus terminal and get off at Hakata Pier (the last station). It is located right near where you get off the bus.
※ 1-minute drive from Fukuoka Toshi High Way Chikkou/5-minute drive from Tenjin-kita Ramp

Umino Nakamichi Pier Waiting Room

※It’s about a 1-minute walk to Marine World
※It’s about a 5-minute walk to Umino Nakamichi Seaside Park
※It’s about a 3-minute walk to The Luigans.

※If you are planning to drive to the bay side area to visit Seaside Park Marine World, you can use the parking lot for just 200 yen for the whole day (until 10:00 pm) if you show your parking ticket at the facility office. Usually the rate is 100 yen per 30 minutes.
(Only the municipal parking lot has this discount service.)

Reservations and inquiries

Momochi (Marizon) Ticket Office
Tel. 092-845-1405

Umino Nakamichi waiting room
Tel. 092-603-1565

Umino Nakamichi Resort Area/ Inquiries

Umino Nakamichi Seaside Park
Umino Nakamichi Administrative Center

Tel. 092-603-1111

Marine World Umino Nakamichi
Umino Nakamichi Marine Ecological Science Museum Co,, Ltd.

Tel. 092-603-0400

The Luigans
Tel. 092-603-2525